Smart skin tester
We Know the details of your skin
The tester works with the phone and provides a more personalized skin care method based on the current skin condition
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Real-time magnification observation
observation the skin details by 50 times HD optical lens
Inflamed acne
Clogged pores
Acne scars
Deep skin observation
The images of epidermal and dermal layers of the skinare presented by polarizer technology to fully understand your skin condition.
Multiple dimensions dimensional analysis
Skintype / Moisture / Sensitivity / Uniformlty / Smoothness / Meianin
Proprietary skin detection algorithm
The latest artificial intelligence analysis from Silicon Valley adds tens of thousands of times to the larger data. AI knows you better than you
Skintone test
Know your skintone by level and type
50 times magnification
Medical HD camera module | Polarizing lens | Anti-Glae
Mini design
Compact and lightweight, a button completes all operations
1.5 meters free fall, still good
Enough battery capacity
Ingeneral, Charge only once a month
xSkin App
App for intelligent management, to provide customized skin care solution